Our Mission

In 2009, our mission was to search for a haven in the outdoors and appreciate what nature has to offer. Nam Pha Pa Yai (NPPY) Camp is merely 2 hours outside of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and hosts a number of activities where you can enjoy the natural environment.

We sought out locations that included our love for rock climbing, our passion for exploration, and our need for immersing ourselves into the great outdoors. This led us to the ideal spot for rock climbing on a complex of limestone cliffs, hiking to scenic viewpoints, water activities along the Pasak River, as well as creating lodging for others who share the same zeal for the outdoors as we do.

Fast forward to today, with passion and motivation, Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp has become not only a prime climbing site in Thailand, but also an unpretentious playground for outdoor adventurers.

Today, the camp welcomes you to enjoy, play, and relax in our all natural oasis!

NPPY Viewpoint


NPPY puts sustainability into practice. We have solar panels that uses the sun’s energy to power the camp. We grow our own vegetables in our own farm so that you eat fresh, pesticide free fruit and vegetables.

You can help by practicing “Leave No Trace” by picking up after yourself (wrappers, plastic, cigarette butts, paper etc.) and throwing everything away in the rubbish bins provided at camp.

Take it a step further and bring your own water bottle to refill at the camp (much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying a bottle of water from the store). NPPY doesn’t support selling bottled water, so you will not be able to buy bottled water at the camp.

Note: If you are not staying overnight at NPPY Camp, an access fee of 100thb will be charged upon arrival for usage/access via maintained road, toilets, pulley system, and parking.

Bookings & help

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