The natural elements are usually what draws adventurers and climbers to mountains where we can explore the vast formations that nature has offered us. It is logical that the notions of respect for the environment, sustainability, and local development is also valued and projected by NPPY camp.

The Asian tropical climate allows easy cultivation of diverse agriculture throughout the year. In Thailand, more and more farmers grow products conscientiously in a reasonable manner; like NPPY, programs such as the “King Project”, Santi Asok, or PunPun are pioneers in organic farming in Thailand.

At NPPY, in addition to the buildings using recycled and natural materials, our garden produces organic and pesticide-free food. The goal is to provide the camp and other nearby places with fresh and good quality products. As a visitor, you may also order items from our farm. It is also an opportunity to understand and develop this way of life, both traditional and progressive.

Group Activities

Our camp is dedicated to providing quality education to groups of all sizes. If you would like to book any of the following activities for your school, group, organization, or even just a group of friends, please contact us and we can arrange a tailored program specifically for you.

Activity list:
– Permaculture
– Clay oven building
– Kayaking
– Hiking
– Rock Climbing
– Slacklining
– Yoga
– Abseiling

Groups over 5 people (Eg. tour, school groups, businesses, or any agency charging money for trip)

– Contact NPPY Camp 1 week prior to scheduled arrival at camp to coordinate and organize activities.
– Prices will be dependent on what activities your group would like to participate in.

Happy hikers

Voluntary work

People with knowledge and motivation to participate in our way of life are welcome to help develop the camp even further. Volunteers can help us on daily tasks at the farm, clearing bushes near the cliffs, help in the restaurant, or even help with route setting at the crags. We provide our volunteers with accommodation (Sala / tent) and meals.

Note: If you are not staying overnight at NPPY Camp, an access fee of 100thb will be charged upon arrival for usage/access via maintained road, toilets, pulley system, and parking.

Contact us for more info.

Bookings & help

Call us +66 0891287849 or email for bookings, help and enquiries

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